Woodworking Carving and Metal Crafts

Woodworking, Carving and Metal Crafts

DEPARTMENT 17-Woodworking & Carving

(Premiums: 1st-4$, 2nd-$3, 3rd $2)
Best of Show – $25 gift certificate

Best of Show prize sponsored by the Thomas Family

Chairman: Jim Antrican
Assistant: Robin Byrge

  1. Exhibitors are limited to one entry per Lot number
  2. All exhibits in Woodworking/Carving lots must be made mostly of wood and be the original work of the exhibitor.
  3. Articles awarded ribbons at a previous Anderson County Fair may be displayed, but will not be eligible for awards.


Division 01- Woodworking, ages 15 and up

Lot 1-Birdhouse or Feeder
Lot 2-Bookcase or Shelf
Lot 3-Scale model
Lot 4-Chest or Toy Box
Lot 5-Clock or any type lamp
Lot 6-Decorative Birdhouse
Lot 7-Dollhouse
Lot 8-Fixtures (Bookends, racks, shelve
Lot 9-Furniture (Chair, Cradle, Table)
Lot 10-Magazine Basket or Rack
Lot 11-Miniatures
Lot 12-Lawn decoration
Lot 13-Shadow Box or Picture Frame
Lot 14-Plaque-Sign
Lot 15-Plate, tray or Cutting Board
Lot 16-Puzzle, Toy or Game
Lot 17-Walking Stick
Lot 18-Shoeshine or tool box
Lot 19-Small cabinet or box
Lot 20-Spice Rack
Lot 21-Stool or Bench
Lot 22-Towel Rack or hanger
Lot 23-Tool or instrument
Lot 24-Turnings
Lot 25-What Not Lot
Lot 26-Miscellaneous – none of the above


Division 02 – Woodworking, ages 14 and under

Lot 1-Birdhouse or Feeder
Lot 2-Candle Holder
Lot 3-Miniature
Lot 4-Plaque, nameplate or sign
Lot 5-Puzzle, Toy or Game
Lot 6-Stool or Bench
Lot 7-What Not
Lot 8-Miscellaneous-None of the Above


Division 03 – Wood Carving

Amateur and professional woodcarvers, whittlers, wood sculptors may enter only one carving in each category. All carvings must be original work of exhibitor. No kits or machine carvings will be allowed.

Lot 1-Game Birds
Lot 2-Song Birds
Lot 3-Aquatic (Fish, Reptile, Whales)
Lot 4-Animals-realistic
Lot 5-Animals-Caricature
Lot 6-Human figures-caricature
Lot 7-Relief Carvings
Lot 8-Free Form (Abstract)
Lot 9-Miscellaneous-None of the Above
Lot 10-Best of Show $25.00


Division 04 – Metal Crafts

Lot 1-Metal Home Décor
Lot 2-Metal Sculpture
Lot 3-Metal Household Item
Lot 4-Metal Yard Decoration
Lot 5-Metal Toy
Lot 6-Hand Crafted Knife

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