DEPARTMENT 18-Flowers 2019

Premiums: 1st- $4, 2nd-$3, 3rd – $2 

Chairman: Penny Webber
Assistants: Sarah Hagus, Chris Hagus, Nina Hembree, Lucile Wright, & Judy Lowe


Division 01 – Arrangements
(Judged on design principles, condition of material, originality and suitability of container. No silk flowers allowed.)

Lot 1-Holiday Theme Arrangement
Lot 2-Dried Arrangement
Lot 3-Miniature Arrangement (not over 6 “ -Live)
Lot 4-Miniature Arrangement (not over 6 “-Dried)
Lot 5-Arrangement of Marigolds
Lot 6-Arrangement of Zinnias
Lot 7-Arrangement of Dahlias
Lot 8-Arrangement of Shrubs
Lot 9-Arrangement of Mixed Garden Flowers
Lot 10-Coffee Table Arrangement
Lot 11-Novelty Arrangement
Lot 12-Arrangement of roadside material (wild)

Best arrangement- Rosette


Division 02 – Potted Plants
(Judged on clean and healthy condition, beauty and uniformity of foliage and blooms, and suitability of container. Must be grown by exhibitor.)

Lot I-African Violet
Lot 2-Begonia
Lot 3-Sultana (Impatiens)
Lot 4-Flowering Plant not listed
Lot 5-Foliage Plant (no flowers)
Lot 6-Fruited Plant (including peppers, Jerusalem cherries, etc.)
Lot 7-Succulents (including cacti)
Lot 8-Terrarium or Dish Garden
Lot 9-Ferns

Best potted arrangement or hanging basket – Rosette


Division 03 – Horticulture Specimens
(Must be grown by exhibitor. Do not use wires on specimens. Judged on beauty of bloom, freshness and disease free condition. No foreign substance to be added to the specimen. No Sunflower seed heads. Stems on specimens need to be 4 to 5 inches long.)

Lot 1-Aster
Lot 2-Cockscomb
Lot 3-Dahlia-red
Lot 4-Dahlia-yellow
Lot 5-Dahlia-pink
Lot 6-Dahlia-variegated
Lot 7-Dahlia-any color
Lot 8-Dahlia-pompon
Lot 9-White Daisy
Lot 10-Black-eye Susie
Lot 11-Flower from bulb
Lot 12-Marigold-small (max. 1.5” diameter)
Lot 13-Marigold-medium (1.5” – 3” diameter)
Lot 14-Marigold-large (over 3” diameter)
Lot 15-Lilly (stargazer, Etc., no day lilies)
Lot 16-Phlox
Lot 17-Princess Feather
Lot 18-Rose-red
Lot 19-Rose-yellow
Lot 20-Rose-pink
Lot 21-Rose-tinted or bi-color
Lot 22-Rose-any color
Lot 23-Rose-miniature-any color
Lot 24-Snapdragon
Lot 25-Zinnia-small (max. 1.5” diameter)
Lot 26-Zinnia-medium (1.5 – 3” diameter)
Lot 27-Zinnia-large (over 3” diameter)
Lot 28-Tiger Lilies
Lot 29-Any garden flower not listed

Best Horticulture Specimen – Rosette

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