Teachers of Agricultural Education
Rodney Mann, Amanda Massengill, David Rogers, Morgan Frye,  Philip Warfield, Maegan Elliott & Erin Lambert

Agricultural Education is offered to high school students grades 9-12 at Anderson County Center and Technical Center (ACCTC) and Clinton High School. Any Lot that has previously won prize money is not eligible to compete again.

Division 01 – F.F.A Crops
(Premiums: 1st-$4, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2)

Lot 1-5 Stalks of Field Corn
Lot 2-Exhibit of 3 or more Vegetables
Lot 3-Cabbage
Lot 4-Extracted Honey (1 pint)
Lot 5-Comb Honey (1 pint)
Lot 6-Ornamental Corn (3 ears)
Lot 7-Sweet Corn (3 ears)
Lot 8-Field Corn (3 ears)
Lot 9-Red Tomatoes (3)
Lot 10-Yellow Tomatoes (3)
Lot 11-Sweet Peppers (3 pods)
Lot 12-Hot Peppers (3 pods)
Lot 13-Sweet Potatoes (3)
Lot 14-Irish Potatoes (3)
Lot 15-Cucumbers (3) (no more than 6 inches long)
Lot 16-Watermelon
Lot 17-Pumpkin
Lot 18-Summer Squash (Zucchini) (No more than 8 inches long)
Lot 19-Summer Squash (Yellow) (No more that 8 inches long)
Lot 20-Okra (6 pods) (no more that 3 inches long)
Lot 21-1 Bale of Grass Hay
Lot 22-1 Bale of Mixed Hay
Lot 23-1 Bale of Legume Hay
Lot 24-Half Dozen White Eggs
Lot 25-Half Dozen Brown Eggs
Lot 26-Pole Beans (6 pods)
Lot 27-Bush Beans (6 pods)
Lot 28-Onions (plate of 3)
Lot 29-Gourd (any type)
Lot 30-Blackberries or Strawberries (6)
Lot 31-Apples
Lot 32-Peaches
Lot 33-Grapes
Lot 34-Beans (plate of 6)
Lot 35-Largest Pumpkin
Lot 36-Other creditable entry

Division 02 – F.F.A Farm Mechanics
(Premiums: 1st-$5, 2nd-$4, 3rd-$3, 4th-$2)

Lot 1-Tractor Hitch Pin
Lot 2-Machinery Leveling Jack
Lot 3-Completed light circuit with 3 components and male plug for testing. Mounted on board not to exceed 1′ x 2′.
Lot 4-Jig or Vice for Securing Metal
Lot 5-Carpenter’s Tool Box
Lot 6-Animal Feed equipment, e.g. feed trough
Lot 7-Forestry Tool, e.g. fire rake, tree dibble
Lot 8-Bird House
Lot 9-Meat Board
Lot 10-Nail Box
Lot 11-Wood Float
Lot 12-Best job of welding cast iron
Lot 13-Best job of arc welding steel
Lot 14-Best job of MIG/TIG welding steel
Lot 15-Best Job of Gas Welding
Lot 16-Best job of brazing
Lot 17-Best job of pipe welding
Lot 18-Best job of hardsurfacing
Lot 19-Sharpening tools (include 1 plane, auger & steel drill bit)
Lot 20-Cold Chisel
Lot 21-Punch (Machine)
Lot 22-Small metal project
Lot 23-Best job of patch or joint soldering
Lot 24-Best job of plug soldering
Lot 25-Small Wood Project, Agricultural Related
Lot 26-Small Wood Project, Crafts
Lot 27-Farm Gate, Non Metal
Lot 28-Post Driver
Lot 29-Vehicle ramps
Lot 30-Welding Stools
Lot 31-Saw horse
Lot 32-Other Creditable entry
The following Lots are intended to be large projects for agricultural use.
Lot 33-Forestry related equipment, e.g. log splitter
Lot 34-Two Wheel Farm Trailer or Four Wheel Wagon
Lot 35-Three Point Tractor Implement, e.g. scraper blade
Lot 36-Livestock Handling or Grooming Equipment
Lot 37-Gooseneck type tandem trailer, Flat Bed
Lot 38- Pull Type Tractor Implement, Non-trailer
Lot 39-Livestock Feeders
Lot 40-Farm Gate, Metal
Lot 41-Utility Trailer
Lot 42-Large Wood Project for Agricultural Use (i.e. Wagon bed, picnic table, truck rack, etc)
Lot 43-Round Bale Carrier
Lot 44-Large Labor Saving Device for Farm use
Lot 45-Other Creditable Entry

Division 03 – F.F.A Ornamental Horticulture
(Premiums: 1st-$4, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2)

Lot 1-Display of needled evergreens of same species, grown in 1, 2 or 3 gallon container.
Lot 2-Display of broadleaf evergreens of same species, grown in 1, 2 or 3 gallon container.
Lot 3-Display of deciduous shrub or tree, grown, in 1, 2 or 3 gallon container.
Lot 4-Display of groundcover, container grown.
Lot 5-Succulents or cacti, one required
Lot 6-Rare house plants, one required
Lot 7-Terrariums or dishgardens, one required
Lot 8-Hanging baskets, flowering
Lot 9-Hanging baskets, foliage
Lot 10-Hanging baskets, fern or fern like plants
Lot 11-Large foliage houseplant, minimum height 24 inches
Lot 12-Small foliage houseplant, less than 24 inches high
Lot 13-Flowering houseplant, in flower
Lot 14-Most unusual plant growing in a container size of 1 gallon or less
Lot 15-Dried Flower Arrangement
Lot 16-Cut Flower Arrangement
Lot 17-Dried Material Christmas wreath
Lot 18-Dried Material Christmas door swag
Lot 19-Other Creditable Entry

Division 04-FFA Member Special
(Premiums: 1st-$4, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2)

Lot 1-FFA Member with the most crop entries
Lot 2-FFA Member with the most mechanics entries
Lot 3-FFA Member with the most horticulture entries
Lot 4-FFA Member with the most overall entries
Lot 5-Science Project (FFA Member must compete in the County Science Fair)
Lot 6-Record Book (Supervised Agricultural Experience Program)

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