Home Centered Activities

Home Centered Activities


(Premiums: 1st Place – $4 2nd Place – $3 3rd Place – $2)
Theme: Made from the heart!

General Chairperson: Jenny Nichol
Assistant Chairpersons: Jana Humphrey, Carol Irwin and Janice Rutherford

Open to Exhibitors in Anderson County.

Special Rules for Exhibition:

  1. All articles for exhibition in this department must be strictly home made and the handiwork of the exhibitor.
  2. No soiled articles will be accepted for exhibit.
  3. Exhibitors may enter for competition only one article in any Lot.
  4. Articles that have taken any premium at previous exhibitions of this fair are not eligible to compete for premiums.
  5. The management will give good care to all articles on exhibition, but will not be responsible for loss or injury, should any occur.
  6. Placings will be made at the discretion of the judges.
  7. Only ribbon winners for culinary division will be exhibited.


Division 01-Canning Fruits, Vegetables, & Juices

(Pack fruits, vegetables & juices in clearly labeled pint or quart standard canning jars (with no added lid decorations.)

Chairperson: Dessie Troyna
Assistants: Judy Gains, Martha Morton, Nancy Stringfield, TaLynn Thomas, Nannette Thomas & Charles Yarnell

Lot 1-Corn
Lot 2-Beets
Lot 3-Green Beans
Lot 4-Other Beans
Lot 5-Soup Mixture
Lot 6-Tomatoes
Lot 7-Apples
Lot 8-Peaches
Lot 9-Pears
Lot 10-Berries
Lot 11-Carrots
Lot 12-Fruit Sauce
Lot 13-Any other Vegetable not listed
Lot 14-Sauerkraut
Lot 15-Tomato Juice
Lot 16-Juice, light
Lot 17-Juice, dark


Division 02-Jellies, Preserves, Butters & Jams

(May be opened for judging. Use clear pint or half-pint standard jars for preserves, butters, and jams. May use jelly glasses for jelly.)

Lot 1-Apple Jelly
Lot 2-Grape Jelly
Lot 3-Blackberry Jelly
Lot 4-Strawberry Jelly
Lot 5-Any other Jelly
Lot 6-Strawberry Jam
Lot 7-Blackberry Jam
Lot 8-Any other Jam
Lot 9-Preserves
Lot 10-Apple Butter
Lot 11-Peach Butter
Lot 12-Pear Butter
Lot 13-Pumpkin Butter
Lot 14-Marmalade


Division 03-Pickles and Relishes

(Pack pickles and relishes in clear pint or quart standard jars)

Lot 1-Beet Pickles
Lot 2-Small cucumber pickles (sweet)
Lot 3-Sliced cucumber pickles (sweet)
Lot 4-Bread and Butter Pickles
Lot 5-Relish, any kind
Lot 6-Pickled Okra
Lot 7-Pickled sweet pepper
Lot 8-Dill pickles
Lot 9-Hot pepper pickles
Lot 10-Any other pickles
Lot 11-Salsa
Lot 12-Any other sauce
Lot 13-Herbal Vinegar (any type bottle or jar)
Lot 14-Chunky relish or mixed pickles


(No ready-mixes allowed. See Special Rules)
Chairperson: Shirley McKamey
Assistants: Harriet Lough, Jesse Lough and Teresa Davis


Division 04-Cookies

(Plate of 3)
Lot 1-Plain Sugar Cookies
Lot 2-Ice Box Cookies, any kind
Lot 3-Bar Cookies (other than Brownies)
Lot 4-Peanut Butter Cookies
Lot 5-Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lot 6-Oatmeal Cookies
Lot 7-Other Cookies (not listed)
Lot 8-No Bake Cookies (Any variety)
Lot 9-Holiday Cookies
Lot 10-Brownies


Division 05-Candies

(Plate of 3 Pieces)
Lot 1-Fudge, peanut butter
Lot 2-Fudge, chocolate
Lot 3-Other candies
Lot 4-Assorted Candy (1 each of 3 kinds)
Lot 5-Mints, any kind
Lot 6-Peanut Brittle
Lot 7-Holiday candy


Division 06-Cakes

(Permissible to bring one-half cake)

Lot 1-Decorated whole cake (Permissible to use substitute other than cake)
Lot 2-Devil Food cake, any frosting
Lot 3-White layer cake, any frosting
Lot 4-Other cakes (Nuts, Fruits and Jams), any fillings
Lot 5-Pound cake, no frosting
Lot 6-Angel Food cake
Lot 7-Cupcakes (iced) plate of 3

Division 07-Breads

Lot 1-Loaf, White Bread (yeast)
Lot 2-Loaf, Whole Wheat Bread
Lot 3-Loaf, Quick Bread (any type)
Lot 4-Rolls (3)
Lot 5-Biscuits (3)
Lot 6-Muffins (3), Corn
Lot 7-Muffins (3), (Any other kind)
Lot 8-Breakfast, cinnamon etc. (3)
Lot 9-Machine bread, any kind


Division 8-Household Linens

(No soiled articles will be accepted)
(Pillow cases, must be hand and/or machine sewn by the exhibitor not commercially manufactured.)

CHAIRPERSON: Angela White Assistants: Faye Parks, & Alice White
Lot 1-Place mat (1) any material
Lot 2-Table Cloth
Lot 3-Table runner
Lot 4-Embroidery, any article
Lot 5-Pillow cases (white)
Lot 6-Pillow cases (colored or color trim)
Lot 7-Pillow cases (satin)
Lot 8-Pillow cases (18 & under)
Lot 9-Pot Holder-Sewn
Lot 10-Pot Holder-Quilted
Lot 11-Stitchery, any kind, household linens
Lot 12-Stitchery, any kind, household linens (age 18 and under)
Lot 13-Wall Hanging – stitchery any kind
Lot 14-Pincushion – any kind
Lot 15-Casserole carrier
Lot 16-Sewing caddy
Lot 17-Misc. household linens
Lot 18-Misc. household linens (age 18 & under)
Lot 19-Pillow-Cathedral
Lot 20-Pillow-Quilted
Lot 21-Pillow-Stitchery
Lot 22-Pillow- Crocheted
Lot 23-Pillow-Miscellaneous
Lot 24-Pillow-Counted Cross-Stitch
Lot 25-Pillow-Knitted
Lot 26-Pillow-Stencil or Painting
Lot 27-Pillow (age 18 & under)


Division 9-Quilts

(Quilts should not be more than 2 years old except for “old quilt” category) (No soiled quilts will be accepted this includes smoke & pet odors)

Assistants: Joyce Beets,  Zachary Cole, Sharon Leinart & April Pio

Lot 1-Appliqued and hand quilted
Lot 2-Appliqued and machine quilted
Lot 3-Hand Embroidery Quilt
Lot 4-Machine Embroidery Quilt
Lot 5-Preprinted, hand quilted
Lot 6-Crazy Quilt
Lot 7-Novelty, non-quilted, hand pieced coverlet (Yo-Yo, Cathedral, etc.)
Lot 8-Mixed technique and hand quilted
Lot 9-Mixed technique and machine quilted
Lot 10-Infant or child quilt
Lot 11-Old quilt 25 years or more
Lot 12-Quillow (Quilt/Pillow combination)
Lot 13-Small quilt (other than infants)
Lot 14-Finished quilt square with a Historical Theme
Lot 15-Quilt Top (not quilted)
Lot 16-Quilted Wall Hanging
Lot 17-Machine pieced and machine quilted
Lot 18-Hand pieced and hand quilted
Lot 19-Machine pieced & hand quilted
Lot 20-Hand pieced & machine quilted
Lot 21-Tacked/tied quilt
Lot 22-Quilt (age 18 & under)
Lot 23-T-shirt Quilt
Lot 24-Bedspreads
Lot 25-Rag Quilt
Lot 26-Fleece Blanket
Lot 27-Art Quilt
Lot 28-Quilt made by a group
Lot 29-First time Quilt entered
Rosette-Best of Show – Sponsored by Sew Unique Fabric, 403 Hillcrest Street, Clinton, TN 37716, 865-457-5070


Division 10-Clothing

(No soiled articles will be accepted for exhibit)

CHAIRPERSON: Janice Rutherford
ASSISTANTS: Carol Irwin & Julia Spradling
Lot 1-Scarf, not Crocheted or Knitted
Lot 2-Lounge clothes
Lot 3-Women’s sportswear
Lot 4-Blouse, Women’s
Lot 5-Skirt, Women’s
Lot 6-Casual or daytime dress
Lot 7-Best Cocktail -Formal dress
Lot 8-Pants or skirted suit-Women’s
Lot 9-Better Dress
Lot 10-Men’s Shirt
Lot 11-Ladies’ slacks
Lot 12-Miscellaneous
Lot 13-Miscellaneous (age 18 and under)
Lot 14-Patchwork garment
Lot 15-Recycled
Lot 16-Renovated
Lot 17-Sweatshirt or Knit Top-Painted
Lot 18-Sweatshirt or Knit Top-Sewn Appliqué
Lot 19-Sweatshirt or Knit Top-Decorated with fabric and paint
Lot 20-Sweatshirt or Knit top-Decorated with fabric
Lot 21-Sweatshirt or Knit Top-Creative Stitchery or Cross Stitch
Lot 22-Sweatshirt or Knit Top-Decorated (other than listed above)
Lot 23-Beadwork (any Lot of clothing)
Lot 24-Vest
Lot 25-Costume for special occasion
Lot 26-Doll clothes
Lot 27-Doll clothes (made by age 18 and under)
Lot 28-Vintage Clothing
Lot 29-Heirloom Clothing
Lot 30-Any garment made entirely by machine


Division 11-Children’s Clothing

Lot 1-Heirloom sewing
Lot 2-Boy’s Sport Shirt
Lot 3-Girl’s Skirt or Jumper
Lot 4-Child’s Playsuit
Lot 5-Children’s Dresses (sizes 2-7)
Lot 6-Girl’s Blouse
Lot 7-Junior Girls (sizes 8-14)
Lot 8-Infant Wear (under 2 years)
Lot 9-Sweatshirt or Knit Top-Painted
Lot 10-Vintage Clothing
Lot 11-Recycled Children’s Clothing
Lot 12-Renovated
Lot 13-Vest (any type)
Lot 14-Miscellaneous (Age 18 & under)
Lot 15-Miscellaneous
Lot 16-Any child’s garment made entirely by machine


Division 12-Accessories

Assistant: Janice Sissy Blizzard

Lot 1-Jewelry-Necklace
Lot 2-Jewelry-Necklace (Fabric)
Lot 3-Jewelry-Pin (any kind) on card
Lot 4-Jewelry-Pin (hand painted) on card
Lot 5-Jewelry-Bracelet
Lot 6-Jewelry-Ear Rings on card
Lot 7-Jewelry-Ear Rings (Paper) on card
Lot 8-Jewelry-Ear Rings (Fabric) on card
Lot 9-Jewelry-Ring
Lot 10-Jewelry, Natural Materials
Lot 11-Jewelry, Hand painted
Lot 12-Jewelry, Plastic
Lot 13-Jewelry, Barrette
Lot 14-Jewelry Set
Lot 15-Jewelry, Beaded
Lot 16-Jewelry, Miscellaneous
Lot 17-Jewelry, Porcelain
Lot 18-Jewelry (age 18 & under)
Lot 19-Work Apron
Lot 20-Hostess Apron
Lot 21-Sun Bonnet or Sun Hat
Lot 22-Decorated Cap
Lot 23-Hand bag
Lot 24-Tote Bag
Lot 25-Collar (Crocheted)
Lot 26-Collar (any type)
Lot 27-Leather Accessory
Lot 28-Recycled Accessory
Lot 29-Miscellaneous
Lot 30-Miscellaneous (age 18 and under)


Division 13-Toys

CO-CHAIRPERSON: Judy Cohan & Brenda Yarnell
Assistants: Kathy Ayres & Mary Ann Bullock

Lot 1-Stuffed toy under 10″
Lot 2-Stuffed toy over 10″
Lot 3-China or Bisque Head Doll Bodies and clothes, handmade (not purchased) dressed and on stand
Lot 4-China or Bisque Doll (clothes handmade)
Lot 5-Plastic Head Doll-Clothes handmade (not purchased), dressed and on stand
Lot 6-Cornshuck Doll
Lot 7-Rag Doll
Lot 8-Soft Sculptured Doll
Lot 9-Decorative Doll (used for display)
Lot 10-Decorative Toy (used for display)
Lot 11-Crocheted or knitted toy or doll used for display
Lot 12-Miscellaneous
Lot 13-Tooth Fairy Pillow (any size)
Lot 14-Duck or Chicken (any type)
Lot 15-Bear (any type)
Lot 16-Cow (any type)
Lot 17-Cat (any type)
Lot 18-Rabbit (any type)
Lot 19-Dog (any type)
Lot 20-Any animal (not listed above)
Lot 21-Legos
Lot 22-Wooden toy
Lot 23-Models, any type
Lot 24-Any toy (age 18 and under)


Knitting and Crocheting



Division 14-Knitting

Lot 1-Afghan
Lot 2-Baby Afghan
Lot 3-Miscellaneous Knitting
Lot 4-Miscellaneous Knitting (age 18 and under)
Lot 5-Sweater, Adult, Knitted
Lot 6-Infant Wear, Knitted
Lot 7-Scarf, Knitted
Lot 8-Stoles, Knitted
Lot 9-Felted Item, Knitted
Lot 10-Vest, Knitted
Lot 11-Toboggan or Cap
Lot 12-Dish Cloth, Knitted


Division 15-Crocheting

Lot 1-Afghan
Lot 2-Baby Afghan
Lot 3-Doilies (any size, 1 only)
Lot 4-Table Cloth
Lot 5-Miscellaneous Crocheting
Lot 6-Miscellaneous Crocheting (age 18 & under)
Lot 7-Sweater, Adult, Crocheted
Lot 8-Houseshoes, Crocheted
Lot 9-Stoles, Crocheted
Lot 10-Infant Wear, Crocheted
Lot 11-Children’s sweaters (0-12)
Lot 12-Scarf Crocheted
Lot 13-Pot Holder Crocheted
Lot 14-Felted Item, Crocheted
Lot 15-Tobagan or Cap
Lot 16-Dish Cloth, Crocheted


Division 16-Home Decorating

(All framed Lots should be strung with wire so that they may be hung for display)

Assistants  Chyan Cole, Gail Page & John Page
Lot 1-Stenciled Article
Lot 2-Decoupage picture or plaque
Lot 3-Trays, any material
Lot 4-Wreath (other than Christmas)
Lot 5-Wall Hanging
Lot 6-Rug
Lot 7-Latch hooked craft article (other than rug)
Lot 8-Chair and seat (any material other than hooked or needle point)
Lot 9-Stained Glass item
Lot 10-Decorated Basket (purchased basket and decorated by exhibitor with fabric, flowers, etc.)
Lot 11-Basket, Egg
Lot 12-Basket, Market
Lot 13-Basket, any material
Lot 14-Basket, Paper Twist
Lot 15-Basket, Any combination of materials
Lot 16-Nature Craft item
Lot 17-Stool (grass, splits or native material)
Lot 18-Chair Seat (grass, splits or net)
Lot 19-Sculpture, any material
Lot 20-Plaques (other than decoupage)
Lot 21-Recycled Craft item
Lot 22-Weaving, any article
Lot 23-Tole painted Wall Hanging
Lot 24-Tole painted, any article
Lot 25-Paper Cutting, any article framed
Lot 26-Reed, Splits material, any item
Lot 27-Miscellaneous
Lot 28-Miscellaneous (age 18 and under)
Lot 29-Decorated hat
Lot 30-Sculptured Box
Lot 31-Leather item
Lot 32-Flag or Banner
Lot 33-Glass Etching, any type
Lot 34-Personal Family Scrapbook
Lot 35-Ceramic Bowl
Lot 36-Ceramic Vase
Lot 37-Misc. Ceramic
Lot 38-China Painting
Lot 39-Potpourri


Division 17-Needlework

(All framed pieces should be strung with wire so that they may be hung for display) (Needlework Lots should not be more than 2 years old)

CHAIRPERSON: Vicky Stringfield
Assistants: Kasey Stringfield & Kortney Stringfield

Lot 1-Plastic canvas, any article
Lot 2-Needlepoint, any article other than pillow
Lot 3-Smocking, any article
Lot 4-Bell Pull
Lot 5-Crewel Embroidery Picture or wall hanging
Lot 6-Candlewicking, any item
Lot 7-Soft sculpture item (other than doll)
Lot 8-Tatting any article
Lot 9-Patchwork craft item
Lot 10-Needle-weaving, any article
Lot 11-Cross-stitch (regular), any article
Lot 12-Cross-stitch (counted), any article
Lot 13-Cross-stitch (counted), picture, animal(s)
Lot 14-Cross-stitch (counted), (picture, quotation or saying)
Lot 15-Cross-stitch (counted), picture, still life
Lot 16-Cross-stitch (counted), picture, any other
Lot 17-Miscellaneous
Lot 18-Miscellaneous (age 18 or under)
Lot 19-Embroidery, any article
Lot 20-Sampler
Rosette-Best of Show


Division 18-Christmas Decorations

(All entries in this division should reflect a Christmas theme)

Chairperson: Sharon Clapp
Assistants: Phyllis Harrington & Brenda Shelton

Lot 1-Table Cover
Lot 2-Stocking-any material
Lot 3-Tree Ornament-Beads
Lot 4-Tree Ornament, Cross Stitch
Lot 5-Tree Ornament, English Smocking
Lot 6-Tree Ornament, Natural materials
Lot 7-Tree Ornament, Painted
Lot 8-Tree ornament- Victorian
Lot 9-Tree Ornament (Other than type listed above
Lot 10-Favor, Non-edible
Lot 11-Adult party favor
Lot 12-Childrens party favors
Lot 13-Gift Package
Lot 14-Gift Basket
Lot 15-Non-Perishable Christmas Corsage
Lot 16-Tree Skirt
Lot 17-Table Centerpiece (non-floral)
Lot 18-Door Arrangement
Lot 19-Handmade Christmas card, paper
Lot 20-Handmade Christmas card, any other material
Lot 21-Christmas clothing
Lot 22-Nativity Scene
Lot 23-Wall Hanging
Lot 24-Cross-stitch (other than ornament)
Lot 25-Plastic Canvas (Christmas theme)
Lot 26-Santa ornament
Lot 27-Santa wood
Lot 28-Santa any material
Lot 29-Snowman ornament
Lot 30-Snowman crochet/knit
Lot 31-Snowman miscellaneous
Lot 32-Angel-any material
Lot 33-Angel fabric
Lot 34-Angel paper
Lot 35-Quilted Wall Hanging
Lot 36-Recycled Christmas Lot
Lot 37-Apron
Lot 38-Miscellaneous
Lot 39-Miscellaneous (age 18 and under)


Division 19-Decorations Other Than Christmas

(Holidays other than Christmas such as: Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Seasonal & Special Occasions such as wedding/anniversary, baby, birthday, and graduation.)

CHAIRPERSON: Jana Humphrey

Lot 1-Favor
Lot 2-Children’s party favor
Lot 3-Children’s party favor (age 18 and under)
Lot 4-Gift Package
Lot 5-Table centerpiece (non-floral)
Lot 6-Holiday table runner
Lot 7-Easter Ornament
Lot 8-Wall Hanging or Picture
Lot 9-Door Arrangement
Lot 10-Handmade Card
Lot 11-Handmade Card (age 18 and under)
Lot 12-Cross-stitch, any article with a theme
Lot 13-Hand Stitchery (other than cross-stitch), any article with theme
Lot 14-Paper cutting, any article with a theme
Lot 15-Plastic canvas, any article with a theme
Lot 16-Recycled item
Lot 17-Miscellaneous
Lot 18-Miscellaneous (age 18 and under)


Division 20-FCE Dress Revue

CHAIRPERSON: Janice Rutherford

The County contest for Family & Community Education club members will be held on May 1st. The garments will be rated superior and excellent. $125.00 will be divided proportionately among the divisions rating superior and excellent. All outfits rating superior MAY NOT be entered in the county fair. A member may enter only one garment. Cash prize will be awarded for construction categories only. Buying (consumer) categories will be judged and awarded ribbon placings only (no cash prize).

Lot 1-Any garment (casual, sportswear, best dress, etc.)

Division 21-Family & Community Education Club Scrapbooks

(Premiums: 1st (Blue)-$30, 2nd (Red)-$25, 3rd (White)-$20)

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