Open Beef Show

Open Beef Show

DEPARTMENT 02-Open Beef Show 2019

Registration papers are required except for crossbred class.

Co-Chairman: Phil Warfield & Tim George

  1. All cattle must be entered by 3:00 pm Saturday, July 20th.
  2. Show will start at 6:00 pm on Saturday, July 20th.
  3. Premium: 1st-$25, 2nd-$20, 3rd-$15.
  4. Show order shall be as listed below and shown by breeds in alphabetical order.
  5. Entry fee for Open Show is 5 (five) dollars per head.
  6. If any breed not listed has at least 12 registered head shown each year for two (2) years in a row, that breed will have a separate show starting the third year.
  7. All livestock must remain on the fairgrounds until all breed shows are complete.
  8. All livestock must comply with the Tennessee State Livestock Health requirements for Fairs and Exhibits.



Lot 1-Jr Heifer Calf, calved during current year
Lot 2-Early Sr. Heifer Calf, calved Nov. – Dec., previous year
Lot 3-Late Sr. Heifer Calf, calved Sep. – Oct., previous year
Lot 4-Heifer Calf Champion (1, 2, 3)
Lot 5-Late Summer Yearling Heifer, calved July – Aug., previous year
Lot 6-Early Summer Yearling Heifer, calved May − June, previous year
Lot 7-Summer Yearling Heifer Champion (5,6)
Lot 8-Late Jr. Yearling Heifer, caved Mar. – Apr., previous year
Lot 9-Early Jr. Yearling Heifer, calved Jan. – Feb., previous year
Lot 10-Junior Yearling Heifer Champion (8,9)
Lot 11-Senior Yearling Female, calved Sep. – Dec., year before last
Lot 12-Senior Yearling Champion
Lot 13-Cow/calf – Calf born after Aug., previous year
Lot 14-Grand Champion Female-Rosette & Reserve Champion Female-Rosette
Lot 15-Junior Bull Calf, calved during current year
Lot 16-Senior Bull Calf, calved Sep. – Dec., previous year
Lot 17-Bull Calf Champion (15,16)
Lot 18-Early Summer Yearling Bull, calved May – Aug., previous year
Lot 19-Junior Yearling Bull, calved Jan. – Apr., previous year
Lot 20-Yearling Bull Champion (18,19)
Lot 21-Senior Yearling Bull, calved July – Dec., year before last
Lot 22-Two Year Old Bull, calved Jan. − May, year before last
Lot 23-Senior Bull Champion (21, 22)
Lot 24-Grand Champion Bull – Rosette & Reserve Champion Bull – Rosette
Lot 25-Produce of Dam – Two (2) animals, either sex, from one dam,
May be from more than one exhibitor.
Lot 26-Jr. Get of Sire – Three (3) animals, by one sire, both sexes,
May be from more than one exhibitor.
Lot 27-Get of Sire – Four (4) animals, by one sire, both sexes,
May be from more than one exhibitor.

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