Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations 2019

  1. The premium list for this fair has been made possible by funds raised by sponsoring groups.
  2. The fair will be open to the public on the afternoon of Monday, July 15th at 5 PM and will continue through Saturday, July 20th.
  3. There will be no entry fee for exhibits in most departments. The exceptions being the Beef, Swine, Goat and Sheep shows.
  4. All exhibits must be checked in by their respective departments no later than 12 noon Monday July 15th, except livestock entries. Exhibits will be accepted Saturday July 13th from 1 PM till 4 PM and Monday, July 15th from 8 AM till 12 noon.
  5. Premiums will be paid only on articles listed in the catalogue. Other articles that will add to the fair are welcome.
  6. Exhibitors are eligible for only one entry in a lot with the exception of livestock. Livestock exhibitors may enter any number of entries per class, but will only be paid on the two highest placings per class.
  7. All premium checks must be cashed within 30 days. Premium money will not be paid on exhibits removed before time limit.
  8. Ribbons will be used on winning exhibits as follows: first prize winner, blue ribbon; second prize winner, red ribbon; third prize winner, white ribbon.
  9. All entries will be placed 1st. 2nd. 3rd. etc. (No ties). The judge’s decision will be final on all judged activities.
  10. The fair management will use every precaution in trying to protect the exhibits by keeping a guard on duty as long as exhibits are on display; however, the fair management will not assume any responsibility in case of fire, theft, death, or any other cause.
  11. The removal of all exhibits except livestock will not be permitted until 1 PM Sunday, July 21st. Anyone removing an exhibit prior to this time will forfeit all prizes due.
  12. All exhibits must be called for Sunday, July 21st between 1 & 2 PM, as the management cannot, and will not assume responsibility for articles left on the fairgrounds and uncalled for.
  13. Judging of all entries will begin at 1 PM on the 1st day of the fair, Monday, July 15th and will continue until all entries in each department are judged. Livestock judging, poultry and rabbits are judged according to the Fair program.
  14. The office of the Fair Association will be open Monday, July 16th at 8 AMand all exhibitors are urged to cooperate in delivering their exhibits for display in advance of the opening of the fair at 5 PM Monday, July 15th.
  15. All exhibitors must be bona fide residents of Anderson County and growers of the agricultural products they display, and exhibitors in livestock must be a farm owner or operator engaged in livestock farming. They must own all animals exhibited 30 days prior to fair time. Livestock shows are open to anyone.
  16. If a question arises regarding the age of an animal, an exhibitor may prior to the beginning of the show, request that the rules committee have the animal in question examined by a competent person, the age determined, and the animal placed in the proper lot.
  17. Concessions – No one will be allowed to sell on the grounds unless they have been cleared through the Fair Association.
  18. All crops exhibited must be grown in current year.
  19. An exhibitor can make only one entry from a crop (Duplication not permitted).
  20. Livestock can be shown in combination, but only once as an individual.
  21. Rules committee has the authority to eliminate any objectionable exhibit, concession, etc.,
  22. No bicycles or motorcycles allowed on the fairground during the fair.
  23. Persons guilty of unbecoming conduct shall forfeit all prize money. Will also be subject to a penalty as deemed appropriate by the rules committee.
  24. Upon proper notification or showing of unforeseen difficulties by an exhibitor, the rules committee or chairman can modify or amend any existing rules.
  25. The Fair Association reserves the right to refuse any exhibit.
  26. The Anderson County Fair Association will not be held liable for any damage that may occur to a participant or participant’s wearing apparel or accessories during the County Fair or contest activity. Neither will the Anderson County Fair Association be held responsible for any bodily injury that may be incurred by a participant during the County Fair or contest activity. Neither will the Anderson County Fair Association be held responsible for lost or stolen articles during the County Fair or contest activity.
  27. The Anderson County Fair Association reserves the right to prohibit animals from entering the fairgrounds if they present a threat to public safety.

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