Department 10 – Honey

Anderson County Honey Show
Anderson County Beekeepers Association

Chairman: Susan Dundore

  1. Honey for competition must be in standard glass honey jars.
  2. Standard 1 pound flat jars must be used for extracted honey.
  3. Standard 1 pound round jars or pint jars must be used for comb honey.
  4. All honey and beeswax exhibited must be produced within the previous or current year.
  5. Honey will be judged according to the official scorecard.
  6. All observation hives must have Plexiglas or tempered glass observation windows.
  7. First place premium will only be awarded if there are three or more entries for that Lot.
  8. The Judge has the discretion to determine the credibility of entries.


Division 01

Premiums for Lots 1-3: 1st- $15, 2nd-$10, 3rd-$5
Premium for Best of Show: $35

Lot 1-Extracted Honey
Lot 2-Comb Honey
Lot 3-Homemade product made of Beeswax
Lot 4-Best of Show

Best of Show Rosette will be awarded to the top exhibitor earning the most points.

Points will be calculated as follows: 1st-5 points, 2nd-3 points, 3rd-1 point.

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