Premiums: 1st-$4, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2

Chairman: Howard Farmer – 457-1700
Assistants: Haydee Thillet, Cathy Turpin & Floyde Grisham

Lot 1-Best 3 ears corn (sweet)
Lot 2-Best exhibit of white Irish potatoes (3)
Lot 3-Best exhibit of red Irish potatoes (3)
Lot 4-Best exhibit of white sweet potatoes (3)
Lot 5-Best exhibit of red sweet potatoes (3)
Lot 6-Best collection of vegetables (10 or more)
Lot 7-Best display of apples
Lot 8-Best display of berries
Lot 9-Best display of grapes
Lot 10-Best display other fruit
Lot 11-Best 3 red tomatoes
Lot 12-Best 3 yellow tomatoes
Lot 13-Best display of yellow tommy toes tomatoes
Lot 14-Best display of red tommy toes tomatoes
Lot 15-Best 3 salad tomatoes
Lot 16-Best 3 roma tomatoes
Lot 17-Best 3 red pear tomatoes
Lot 18-Best 3 yellow pear tomatoes
Lot 19-Best 3 Heirloom tomatoes
Lot 20-Best half dozen white eggs
Lot 21-Best half dozen brown eggs
Lot 22-Best half dozen green eggs
Lot 23-Best display 3 red or yellow sweet pepper
Lot 24-Best display 3 green sweet peppers
Lot 25-Best display 3 red pimento peppers
Lot 26-Best display 3 red hot pepper
Lot 27-Best display 3 green hot pepper
Lot 28-Best display 3 sweet banana pepper
Lot 29-Best display 3 jalapeno peppers
Lot 30-Best display 3 cayenne peppers
Lot 31-Best display 3 chili peppers
Lot 32-Best display 3 hot banana peppers
Lot 33-Best display yellow onions
Lot 34-Best display white onions
Lot 35-Best display red onion
Lot 36-Best display okra
Lot 37-Best display lima beans
Lot 38-Best display dry beans
Lot 39-Best display pole beans
Lot 40-Best display bush beans
Lot 41-Best display colored beans
Lot 42-Best display peas
Lot 43-Best display 3 cucumbers (8 inch max)
Lot 44-Best display 3 pickling cucumber
Lot 45-Best display pumpkins (ornamental)
Lot 46-Best pumpkin (pie –12 lbs or less)
Lot 47-Best pumpkin (field)
Lot 48-Best 3 carrots
Lot 49-Best 3 beets
Lot 50-Best eggplant
Lot 51-Best 3 zucchini squash (4” to 6” long)
Lot 52-Best 3 yellow squash
Lot 53-Best 1 white squash
Lot 54-Best 1 winter squash
Lot 55-Best Martin Gourd
Lot 56-Best drinking Gourd
Lot 57-Best ornamental Gourd
Lot 58-Best cantaloupe
Lot 59-Best cushaw
Lot 60-Best watermelon
Lot 61-Largest watermelon
Lot 62-Largest sunflower (dia.)
Lot 63-Best sunflower
Lot 64-Best head of cabbage
Lot 65-Best bale of grass hay
Lot 66-Best bale of mixed hay
Lot 67-Best bale of legume hay
Lot 68-Miscellaneous
Lot 69-Oddity

Best of Show (Rosette/$10)
Most Entries in Crops (Rosette/$10)

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