Jackpot Market Lamb

Jackpot Market Lamb & Commercial Ewe Show

DEPARTMENT 05-Jackpot Market Lamb & Commercial Ewe Show

Chairman: Joe Hall and Kent Worthington


  1. All livestock must comply with the Tennessee State Livestock Health requirements for Fairs and Exhibits.
  2. General rules and regulations of the Anderson County Fair Association apply except as modified herein.
  3. The show will be Tuesday, July 16th. Weigh in at 1:00 pm and scales close at 2:30 pm. Show to begin a 4:00 pm.
  4. Entry is open to anyone that is 21 years old or under.
  5. There will be no weight limit.
  6. Lambs will be divided into equal weight classes determined by number of lambs entered and divided into light weight, middle weight, and heavy weight divisions.
  7. All lambs must have an ear tag.
  8. All animals shall have an official veterinary health certificate.
  9. All exhibitors must provide care for their own animals at all times, show their own animals, and maintain their animals’ pens in an acceptable manner.
  10. Feed, bedding, and all equipment needed, will be the responsibility of each exhibitor. Due to space limitations, exhibitors may be required to show from their trailers.
  11. All rules and regulations must be adhered to or all premiums for the guilty party will be forfeited.
  12. We welcome all exhibitors and will make every effort to see that your stay with us is pleasant and worthwhile for you.
  13. Exhibitors must clean their area before leaving.
  14. Alcohol is prohibited on the grounds. No smoking in the barns or show arena.
  15. Market lambs will be weighed one time only on site and classes arranged by the committee.
  16. Judges and Committee decisions are final.
  17. Ewe lambs can be shown in Market Lamb Show or Commercial Ewe Show, but not both.


Jackpot Market Lamb

Tuesday July 16, 2019 4:00 pm

Lightweight Champion $75.00 – Reserve $25.00, Middle Weight Champion $75.00 – Reserve $25.00, Heavy Weight Champion $75.00 – Reserve $25.00

(Premiums: Champion – $125, Reserve – $75)
(1st-$20, 2nd-$15 3rd-$10)

  1. Entry fees are $10 per lamb
  2. Registration Day of Show


Jackpot Commercial Ewe Show

(Premiums: Champion 60% of ewe show entry fees, Reserve 40% of ewe show entry fees) (1st -$20, 2nd-$15 3rd-$10)

  1. Open to non-registered yearling ewes and ewe lambs of any breed or combination of sheep breeds.
  2. Entry fees are $5 per lamb
  3. Ewe lambs must have lamb teeth.
  4. Yearling ewes may have no more than four permanent teeth.
  5. Entries are shown by weight within the ewe lamb and yearling categories, respectively.


Novice Show

  1. One class will be conducted during the sheep show for children under the age of 9. Exhibitor does not have to own the animal. Only ribbons will be awarded. One class will be conducted for all breeds.

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