(Premiums 1st-$4, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2)

Chairman: Margaret Hewitt, 457-3221
Co-Chairmen: Eddie Hewitt. Scott Hewitt

Chairman and Fair Association will not be responsible for articles left after Sunday, July 21st, 2 PM.

Special Rules for Exhibition:

  1. Articles for judging may be entered by collectors. Dealers may enter articles from their own private collection for display only.
  2. No more than one (1) article may be entered by any one person for judging in each Class.
  3. Articles that have taken first place or grand prize in previous exhibitions at this fair may not be entered again for judging.
  4. The Committee will exercise maximum care of all articles on exhibition, but will not be responsible for loss or damage.
  5. Judges will be qualified antique dealers or specialized collectors.
  6. Judging will take place on Monday afternoon.
  7. All articles on exhibit must be picked up between 1 and 2 PM Sunday, July 21st.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded in each of thirty-five (35) classes as follows:

Grand Prize: Purple Ribbon awarded for the most outstanding article chosen from the combined 35 classes.

Lot 1-Glassware: carnival
Lot 2-Glassware: cut and pressed
Lot 3-China and Porcelain
Lot 4-Silver, any item
Lot 5-Lamps whale oil, brass, tin, glass, etc.
Lot 6-Depression Glass
Lot 7-Furniture, chairs, chests, tables, etc.
Lot 8-Household Lots, ironware
Lot 9-Household Lots, wooden butter molds, churns, etc.
Lot 10-Farm items, tools, leatherware, bells, etc.
Lot 11-Bottles
Lot 12-Indian relics
Lot 13-Linens
Lot 14-Prints, and papers
Lot 15-Quilts
Lot-16-Jewelry, rings, watches, pins, beads, etc.
Lot 17-Toys, candy containers, banks, etc.
Lot 19-Miscellaneous
Lot 20-Modern Collectibles
Lot 21-Pictures and Frames
Lot 22-Clothes, dresses, underwear, hats, shoes, etc.
Lot 23-Primitive, Folk Art & Tramp Art
Lot 24-Local History
Lot 25-Accessories – purses, belts, scarves, etc.
Lot 26-Dolls
Lot 27-Pottery, any item
Lot 28-Jars
Lot 29-Books
Lot 30-Household tin, copper & others
Lot 31-Glassware art
Lot 32-Houseware – Graniteware
Lot 33-Coverlets, Blankets, rugs, bell pulls, etc.
Lot 34-Boxes, any kind
Lot 35-things pertaining to any military service

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